What I am doing to keep everyone safe

There is a WINX True HEPA Filtration system in the treatment room, which has UV germicidal bulbs and ionization.  It helps kill germs, clump particulates in the air to make them heavy and fall out of the air so they can be cleaned and removed.  Face masks must be worn at all times while at office.  If you would like to remove mask you must use our Prevention Daily Care mouthwash at the office, prior to starting the session. Ensuring that all of my cleaning products meet CDC guidelines to kill COVID-19.  Staggered and limited appointment and appointment lengths.  Use of gloves when appropriate and able.  Windows are open and a fan is on to allow proper air circulation.  Treatment rooms are disinfected between each client with CDC/OSHA approved disinfect including but not limited to table/face cradle covers and all touched surfaces. 

This is a time where we need to do this together, this is why I am asking for your help in keeping us all safe.

  • If you are ill please stay safe at home
  • If you have recently loss your sense of taste or smell get tested right away
  • If you are immuno-compromised or high risk please let me know at scheduling
  • If you have had COVID-19 please wait 14 days from the recovery date and consult your doctor for permission before receiving a massage.  Especially if you are at risk for blood clots
  • If you have pain deep in your legs or unexplained swelling seek medical attention right away
  • Use hand sanitizer (provided) after undressing and before getting on the treatment table
  • Let me know if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (chills, sore throat, fever, muscle aches)